Digital Mapping Services

Throughout four decades in the industry, we have launched groundbreaking technology and maintained our place at the forefront of innovation.

Meridian Surveys has decades of experience in digital mapping, including 4000 data sets for federal and provincial mapping programs.

Our private sector work includes mapping and CAD services for several of the largest pipeline and energy-based companies in Canada.

Our experienced staff of land surveyors, computer scientists, geographers and technicians have at their disposal the latest tools and techniques of land surveying, remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and related forms of earth mapping.

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At Meridian Surveys, we provide services to all sectors that require GIS services – from urban planning to resource planning and management.


  • Custom maps for presentations
  • Large-scale data information management
  • Subdivision applications and liaison with Approving Agency
  • Pipeline GIS data conversion
  • Gas and oil exploration
  • Sea ice tracking
  • Wildlife and natural resources management support
  • Topographic and cartographic mapping
  • Geographic image analysis
  • Accurate and detailed topologically structured data for Geographic Information Systems
  • GIS consulting, cadastral mapping, scan digitizing, thematic mapping, data conversion, data integration and data maintenance

Meridian Surveys has completed numerous pipeline conversion projects for companies such as TransCanada Pipelines and Pembina totaling over 42,000 kilometres. The following are some of the major pipeline conversion projects.

At Meridian Surveys, we prepare parcel maps for land development, in accordance with all requirements, acts and ordinances.

Our highly skilled professionals provide all necessary custom drafting, mapping and cartographic services for both the private and public sectors.


  • Computer aided drafting
  • DEM and surface modelling, including contour maps
  • Terrain modelling, including profiles and cross-sections
  • Remote sensing
  • Digital cartography
  • Topographic mapping
  • Cadastral mapping
  • Property mapping
  • Thematic mapping
  • Utility base mapping
  • Aerial photography mosaics and geo-referencing
  • Photo mosaics, including orthoimagery
  • Compiled plans
  • 3D perspective maps, including “fly-thrus”
  • Perspective hill-shading and draping

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